B2B E-Commerce Websites: Uses, Examples, Pros & Cons

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Business-to-business (B2B) E-commerce Websites or B2B websites are platforms wherein different businesses transact to exchange goods or services.

Supposedly, you want to start your graphics designing business. To do this, you will need materials, equipment, and human resources. So, what you can do is to begin browsing B2B sites and look for the said resources.

B2B Sites Examples

  • Amazon Business

Launched in 2015, this B2B e-commerce website started strong by reaching $10 billion in sales three years after its launch. Business owners love this website because of its friendly user interface, making buying very convenient.

  • Bulk Bookstore

Similar to the early Amazon that we know now, Bulk Bookstore sells books exclusively but in bulk. They cater to businesses that need books, such as universities, offices, and libraries.

  • Upwork

Upwork is a platform that allows clients to connect with freelancers who can offer services that the clients need. It is a B2B site since freelancers treat their services as a business, while clients usually have companies that they need to boost.

Pros of B2B websites

  • Greater deals

The products sold in B2B websites tend to be valued higher as they are offered in bulk. Forrester foresees that the B2B website industry will account for 17% of all B2B sales in the US, estimated to reach $1.8 trillion in sales.

  • Huge market potential

Everything on the internet is reachable. If B2B companies utilize B2B sites, this presents a huge market potential, reaching targets across different industries.

  • Order Management

B2B sites backed up by Cloud are more convenient for businesses as this enables them to synchronize their purchases on the website to their database.

Cons of B2B websites

  • Competitive Market

Diving into a platform with huge market potential accounts for more competitors. This would be a challenge, especially for small-medium B2B companies.

  • Difficulty in attaining repeat businesses

Repeat businesses on this platform are difficult to attain. This problem has pushed more B2B sites to implement customer loyalty programs to increase customer retention.

  • Complicated supply chain management

Even though e-Commerce is a whole new avenue for businesses, its supply chain management system can get complex. This setback may slow down the entire supply chain process. 

B2B websites have served their purpose of helping businesses start and operate by providing what they need on the spot. With its growing potential as a prime sales model, there is no doubt; traditional B2B companies will start going digital soon.

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