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Building a Website Ready - Set - Go.

Are you planning to build a website? Before you contact a web developer, there are things you can do to help the process go as smoothly as possible such as:

  • Knowing your website goals
  • The objectives.
  • Who are your target audience?
  • Will you sell products or just give information there?
  • Will you need to generate leads and get new customers?
  • Will you have a newsletter?
  • How many visitors do you expect per month?
  • What content you’ll use.
  • How will you measure your success?

The most frustrating thing is to build without a direction in which to build.

Planning Your Website.

In planning of a website you may want to jump to the fun part like finding colors and images but slow down and establish the more important things first. After determining your goals for the site, what objectives or actions must you take to achieve the goals. This is important, some of your goals may be long term but you still should write them down and discuss them with your developer so he or she can build your site with room for growth. Example if your goal is to increase customers and sells what are some steps you could take to help you meet that goal you could make sure you provide a user-friendly site that ranks high in the search engines.

Tips for Building Your Website.

  • If you decide not to use a copywriter there are material for learning how to write for the web. 
  • The content you use should communicate your site purpose. 
  • Graphic should be high-quality resolution and tell a story. 
  • Audio or video should include a transcript for those who visit your site using a screen reading.

The developer is there to give suggestions, answer questions, and provide you with best practices tips but they cannot read minds so your job is to understand your needs and be able to communicate them throughout the process.

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