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What is the CIA triad?

The CIA triad is an Information Security model used to guide information security within an organization. 

The model allow a person to think about different parts of their information security.


Who Are the Users?

When we say users in this post, we are talking about those working in your business as an employee, (WFH) work for hire or a contractor. We are not talking about your customers this time.

Users Roles and Permissions

When roles and permissions are carried out, it allows a company to fine-tune their network security becasue it help in addressing the CIA triad which is:

  • Confidentiality.
  • Integrity.
  • and availability.

If there is a security break of the information security most companies, find it’s because they came short of implementing one of the three CIA triad. In this blog we cannot go through each in full, however we can discuss them in general.

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability

Confidentiality is preventing the disclosure of data or information to unauthorized individuals or systems, whereas Integrity deals with protecting data and information from being altered by unauthorized individuals or changed doing transit. 

Integrity also addresses how correct the information is and availability ensures there is uninterrupted access to the information.

Assigning Users Roles and Permissions

It is impossible to go through every security measure the three calls for, but you as a business owner can assign roles and permissions based on job function or responsibility that will help in information security goals. 

Say you’re hiring two people to perform different jobs. One person may only need permission to read a file and perform a task while the other need to be able to read, modify or delete information. 

Assigning roles are critical for those handling your customers’ sensitive information. 

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