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CMS - The Easy Way to Build a Website

Date: Mar 21, 2022

Do you want to build your own website, but you do not know how to code? Content management systems (CMS) can save your day! This software allows users to create, handle, and edit the content on their website without knowing the technicalities of building a website.

Instead of learning how to build your own system so you can have a website, the content management system acts as your engineer when it comes to building sites. This software aims to help users focus on the content they want rather than the technical aspects of websites.

Aside from building websites, CMS software can also help you manage your documents.

As of writing, WordPress is the largest content management system, powering over 43.3% of websites that you can see on the internet. And these websites are not just blogs; they are also e-commerce sites, business websites, online courses sites, job boards, and even podcast sites!

Many users have entrusted their content to WordPress because of its following features:

– Easy to use

– Website extensions

– Vast community

– Low cost

Running second to WordPress is Joomla. It holds about 3% of the websites on the internet and has 5.4% of the CMS market. Users swear by the following features of Joomla:

  • – Flexibility on content
  • – Multilingual support
  • – Variety of themes or templates
  • – Advanced user management

Next, we have Drupal. Although older than WordPress, it doesn’t have the same market share that WordPress has. It holds a 4.6% share of the CMS market and 2.3% of all the websites on the internet. Some advantages of using Drupal includes:

  • – Built-in access controls
  • – Flexible custom content views and types
  • – Multilingual support without the need for plugins
  • – Flexible taxonomy system

Clearly, with good CMS software examples, you can already tell that using a content management system for your business would bring advantages, such as the following:

– Quick deployment

– User-friendliness

– Easy to maintain

– Cost-effective

– Extendable with extensions and plugins

– SEO-friendly

– Community support

  • – Developer assistance

Still, the main advantage of using content management system (CMS) would be to create your own website without spending an extended period learning how to code to build your website from scratch.

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