Coding Standards

Coding Standards Matters

Coding Standards: 

Coding standards comprise a collection of essential rules, guidelines, and best practices for crafting computer code. These standards play a crucial role in ensuring that the code is secure, reliable, safe, testable, maintainable, and portable.

Dependence on W3C:

At NETWORK ADVISING-U, we depend on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a global community committed to establishing open standards and fostering the continuous expansion of the Web.

Commitment to Good Coding Practices:

We are committed to adhering to good coding practices and steering clear of the ‘whatever works’ mentality. We take pride in following convention guidelines that address essential aspects of file organization.

  • Indentation
  • Comments & Declarations
  • Providing Adequate White Space
  • Naming Conventions
  • Coding Principles
  • Architectural Best Practices 

Benefits of Convention’s Guidelines

  1. Organized, Clean, and Consistent Codes Are Written
  2. More SQL Queries Can Be Handled Without Server Issues
  3. The Same Rules Make It Easy for Everyone to Work Together on the Project

We Don’t Stop There

Guess what? We don’t stop there. We also provide guidelines documentation that includes lessons learned, coding styles, and best practices for writing our code. The code is well-structured with appropriate comments, making it easy to read, test, and maintain. It is also aligned for future growth, ensuring it remains easy to debug and enhance.