Published February 26, 2023

Creating a Business Website

Why do you need a business website? How can one benefit your business? Several reasons come to mind, such as providing trustworthy information to users, building brand awareness, or selling your products/services in a safe environment. However, the most frustrating thing for any business is starting to build without a clear direction

Planning Your Business Website.

“Do you want a site with fun colors and breathtaking images? A ‘WOW’ factor, as some say. But what if you have the ‘WOW’ factor, yet nobody is interested in your products or services? This might be because the site doesn’t instill trust or provide enough information for users to make informed purchasing decisions. As a result, you end up with an unusable website that is essentially worthless.

One key to building a successful site is planning. This not only yields better results but, more often than not, it saves money because you won’t have to redo things.

Once you’ve determined your goals for the site, take the time to define your audience and their needs. It’s critical that you build a website for them, not for yourself. Ask yourself, why would a user choose to buy from you instead of your competitor? In other words, what makes you different? Have a basic understanding of web accessibility. When a site is accessible, people with different disabilities, such as visual, motor, cognitive, etc., have the same rights to the material as someone without these disabilities.

Know who your direct and indirect competitors are. By understanding who you are up against, you can develop a better strategy. Many consumers ask why they should purchase your products/services. If you were asked, what would you say? The list goes on and on.