Database Uses in Business

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Why Use Database in Business?​

What comes to mind when you say why are databases used in business. In simple terms; it provides an organization a structured way to access, modify, and delete information.  

Charles W. Bachman

Databases allow businesses to store and retrieve information without them information is often duplicated, lost, and could be seen by anyone and because there was no way to back up the data, in times of disasters, the company information was gone forever.

In 1960, Charles W. Bachman designed the Integrated Database System. The start of system improved customer service and gave business owners a better way to manage data. Today databases and database systems are used in businesses large, midsize and small worldwide.

What Happens If?

What happens if you have two customers with the same first and last name living in the same city on the same street or if a customer needs to change their city and state or phone number without a database how would you keep this information, so it would be easy to access, update, and stay secure?

Benefits of a Database

Benefits not only include data security, reduced time updating customer information, reduce errors, increased consistency, decreased data redundancy, reduced time to manage data, but also provides greater data integrity, increased productivity, access control, enforced standards, and the system can be built for future growth.

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