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When people hear the eCommerce term most think about a button that says buy now; but, an eCommerce store is much more. 

The issues users have when it comes to making online purchases is security and privacy. 

There are steps in which you can offer the customer a peace of mind when purching from your online store such as:

  • Having self regulated privacy policy suggested by the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Making sure your website has Encryption Technology Sockets Layer (SSL) and using Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (S-HTTP). 
  • Understanding the Role of PCI compliance & protecting the customer credit card information.

WooCommerce Websites Online Stores

E-commerce WooCommerce Websites: When people hear e-commerce, the first thing that comes to mind is a button that says “BUY NOW.” But an e-commerce store is so much more. 

E-commerce was specifically designed to help businesses sell their products on their website. But some users have issues with security and privacy when making online purchases. 

So, here are steps on how to give customers peace of mind when shopping in your online store:

  • Have a self-regulated privacy policy suggested by the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Ensure that your website has Encryption Technology Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and uses Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (S-HTTP). 
  • Understand the role of PCI compliance, protecting your customers’ credit card information.

Why Do We Use WooCommerce for eCommerce?

First of all, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, making it a great fit in case you are creating a Clean Website Designs. This platform allows you to leverage all the tools and services of WordPress. 

Second, WooCommerce is the most popular E-commerce platform for building an online store and is a General Public License (GPL).

Third, WooCommerce is a flexible tool that lets you sell physical products, downloadable goods, subscriptions, memberships, and more. 

Fourth, the basic WooCommerce plugin is free. But should you need additional features, you can purchase the premium plugins.

Lastly, WooCommerce is trusted by over 25% of all online stores. This means that WooCommerce is the leading, most popular choice among e-commerce solutions.

We Create Seamless Shopping Experience!

With Unlimited Flexibility, Scalability and

Safe & Secure

wooCommerce plugin offer transactional security, but because this is not all the security you need we add extra security to your wooCommerce website.


With WooCommerce Dashboard you are able to monitor and report on each client’s transaction.

Over 50 payment gateways

Choose from a large range of payment gateways including Paypal, Square, Stripe, amazon pay and more.

WooCommerce Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WooCommerce is the world’s most popular open-source ecommerce built to handle thousands of products listed, with thousands of transactions per minute. 

There are four types of products you can sell in your WooCommerce store. 1- Physical products where you can maintain a product catalog, create coupons and more. 2- Digital product for download, 3- Your time for those who offer consultant services and  4- Membership access.

We hear this question ofter both are powerful and reliable and great for turning visitors into customers however we implement WooCommerce. To learn more about wooCommerce contact us at 423-260-9633.

Now Are You Ready To Sell Online?

When you’re ready to turn your idea into a fully functioning eCommerce store, think about: 

  • Who your audience are and their needs
  • Your stragicy for managing orders
  • What payment gateway you will use
  • How will you work with shipping and returns

Finally are you ready to take your current store to the next level, or interested in launching a new site? Contact us.


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