Ethics in Design


Ethical issues may arise when individuals perceive companies as not acting responsibly. At NETWORK ADVISING-U, our ethical values extend to everyone, including contractors and work-for-hire personnel engaged in business. We believe that having a code of ethics will attract individuals who make thoughtful decisions, upholding the values we cherish.

  1. We do not condone dishonest behavior designed to deceive our clients.
  2. We will not mislead clients with false information about any aspect of their project.
  3. We will not use or share client sensitive information with others for personal gain.
  4. We will develop an accessible website so people with disabilities will have equal opportunity at our site as others.
  5. We will not make decisions based on biased opinion. 
  6. We will ensure that all decisions are made with the client’s best interests in mind. 
  7. We only accept projects that match our skills and qualifications. 
  8. We will maintain an open line of communication throughout the project. 
  9. We will respect the privacy of all our clients, regardless of gender, race, or national origin.