Extend Your Website Lifespan

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In this article, we look at how to extend your website lifespan because some site seem to stay fresh for years but some seem to get dated in only a few months.  

How to Extend Your Website Lifespan.

The web changes every day, let’s say every few seconds. Fresh ways to develop sites are forever coming out; new software is always at hand,  unknown viruses are forever crashing your system, and ways to search engine optimization (SEO) is never the same  HeLP…

With this said a website, software, and products are forever improving, think about it, you’re always hearing the words new and improved.

Let’s go through a few things.  When creating a website it is a good idea to have a website strategy plan.

In your strategic plan, think in stages or versions.  Each time you make a change or update, it’s a new version. This way of thinking is good because you can identify what pages would change more at the start and those pages could be designed to implement change better.   

You can extend your website lifespan by:

  • Keeping your site updated with new relevant content.
  • Adding new high-quality images.
  • Redesigning the home page will make the site seem fresh.
  • Making sure your navigation area stay up to date with relevant links.

Also remember search engines love fresh content so keeping your site up-to-date, beautiful and fresh can only add to your SEO effort.  


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I guess we gotta go for now.  Thanks for joining Down the Earth Talk About Web Solutions. I hoped you enjoyed the talk as much as I enjoyed researching and discussing it. Peace out and happy Web Design and Development.