High-Quality User Experience (UX): Why First Impressions Last

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Imagine creating a top-notch product that has the potential to dominate the market. But, your website design has a poorly designed user interface to cater to orders. Do you think customers will still be interested in your product?

According to UXPA International, user experience involves every aspect of a user’s interaction with a product or service that makes up a user’s perceptions as a whole. Moreover, a high-quality design puts the user in the center before deciding on different UX design elements, such as text, layout, interface, visuals, interaction, and even sound.

You might be thinking about how these are relevant if you already have an unbeatable product in the field. Well, here are five advantages of having a high-quality UX design:

  1. Mere visits can turn into customer conversions.
  2. Users will more likely stay on your website for longer.
  3. You can showcase your product so that users can understand it very well.
  4. High-quality UX is a reflection of your business’s brand and customer service.
  5. Excellent UX allows repeat businesses because your design is convenient for the user.

With these advantages, you might already know what user experience brings to the table when it comes to boosting your business.

On the other hand, having a website that merely displays your business is not enough. The website should always consider how the users will see the whole company and leverage from this point of view.

Here are five disadvantages of having a low-quality UX design:

  1. Users may leave the website quickly.
  2. Customer conversions would be challenging to increase, let alone achieve.
  3. The website may not show your product’s strengths well.
  4. You may lose credibility in terms of customer service as it is synonymous with user experience.
  5. Customers may look for other similar products that offer a better user experience.

User experience is what we call the “first impression” when it comes to your business’s customer service and brand. So, it is vital that you consider it as early as now and not let your chances go to waste. 

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