Mobile App Development

Helping small businesses build simple, complicated, or complex websites with great user experience while offering expert advice on what technology can do for them.

Strategy to Mobile Development

To ensure that our clients’ ideas are realized, we always strive to provide them with the best possible solution with the most innovative, eye-catching mobile development that delivers unique value to match your business needs. We are also proud to say that we follow a structured framework, the best practices, and coding guidelines to create an elegant mobile app.  

Mobile App Development Services


Web Application Development

A web browser is used to access web applications. By using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and Python, NETWORK ADVISING-U builds high-functional Web Apps


Native iOS Development

With Swift and Objective-C we build beautiful, apps built to scale with great user experience

Native Android Development

A web application can be accessed through a web browser, such as Chrome, and is designed to work on mobile devices. As they are not native to that system, they do not need to be downloaded and installed.

Time to Meet

Initiation is the first step. This is where we learn more about your company and its vision and establishing a strong working relationship.


Here we are busy gathering We gather information for the site, create sitemaps, wireframing and a set of plans to help guide the team through the project. 

Design & Development

This is where we create the visual concepts and write the code for highly functional sites and applications.


The site is tested. Performance, functionality, and security are among the tests. Our goal is to ensure your website meets a high level of quality.

Deploy, Train

During this phases we deploy the website to a live environment and train users.


We set up a maintenance plan to keep your site healthy and bug free