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Mobile Development

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At NETWORK ADVISING-U our goal is to help you with the most innovative, eye-catching mobile development that delivers unique value to match your business needs.

In our development process, we use Agile method or Waterfall planned phases. One thing both have in common is they produce high-quality software.

We’re also proud to say we follow, structure framework, best practices, and coding guidelines to create elegant mobile app.

Customized Mobile Development

Web, Native & Hybrid Applications.

Web Apps

Web apps are developed using standard technology HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Web apps are not really applications; they are websites. The apps are accessed via the internet through a web browser (such as Chrome, Safari). 

Web applications are designed to look good on mobile devices but because they are not native to a particular system they do not have to be downloaded and installed.


Native Apps

Native apps are the most common type of mobile application that are developed for a specific platform, in a native language (such as Objective-C Swift for iOS and Java for Android)  

Native applications are downloaded from an application store  (Google Play or Apple’s App store) and live on the user’s device.

One benefit of the native app is it can work independently of the web. 


Hybird Apps

Hybrid apps offers a cost-effective way to showcase your business on different platforms. 

Hybird application combines elements of both the native and web application, but unlikee the web app, the Hybrid lives in an app store and can take advantage of the many device features available.

The Hybird reach a wider audience because it combines both worlds.

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