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A Project management method, according to the Project Management Institute (PMI), is a system of practices, techniques, procedures, and rules used to deliver a project.

Two methods discussed in this post are waterfall and agile.

Project Management

How important is it to have a method when creating web projects? Very important, but having the right method is critical to getting the job right.

An example of a person hanging curtains. The goal is to hang a curtain that would give my dispress room a lively feel when entered. The timeline and budget are set. The project will finish in 7 days and cost no more than $200 for supplies. The best practice is adopted the curtains should hang between 4 to 6 inches above the window frame according to the experts.

When the project is over, a lesson learned: positives and negatives are done so the next time I hang curtain I will know what I should and should not do. Without realizing it people come up with method daily

What Is a Project?

A project is a temporary endeavor that has a goal, a budget, a beginning, and an end. 


Agile Project Management

Agile project management is a modern, flexible and rapid deployment approach that allows developers to produce smaller deliverables called chunks to the business more frequently because the work is created in time periods called iteration or sprints and changes are welcome.

In reality, agile is not a method nor a framework, but according to “Agile Manifesto” it is a set of values and principles.

How is Agile Different?

Agile responds to change over a set plan. There is more face-to-face communication, and the client is more engaged in the project. With Agile more importance is placed on people than process, tools, and documentation.

Agile is used more in IT projects but is not limited to IT projects. With this said we are in no way saying agile is right for your project only to give a little insight into what it is.

How Do Projects Get Started?

A project starts when someone has a problem to solve or maybe an opportunity to pursue.

The Waterfall

We discussed agile now let’s discuss a linear project management approach, the waterfall also known as traditional project management.

The waterfall method breakdown of project activities, planning, design, development, testing, and deployment into linear sequential phases where each phase depends on the previous phase. 

In this method, rigorous research is done at the start and all requirements are gathered up-front. One advantage of the waterfall is we can set a schedule with deadlines for each phase.

There are risks to manage in any type of project, and the strengths and weaknesses of them all. Our goal is only to give a little insight into two methods: agile and waterfall.

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