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Welcome to!  Requirement Specification Document. When building a house, do you need a blueprint? If you say no, I want to see your house when you finish. 

What is a blueprint? A blueprint provides the owner, general contractor, the information needed to build the house. The words provide information and build the house stick out in my mind. What stick out in yours?

If you’re looking to build a website/ app or software, you will need a direction in which to travel. Web developers uses documents that provide them with the detail they need to meet your business requirements. 


Requirement Specification Document (RSD)

Their blue print is our Requirement Specification Document (RSD) that provide us with all the information needed to build the project.  We also use it as a communication tool between the client and the team.

This is the name I call it, but different companies use different names. One thing I can guarantee is any professional development company has a process for building. If they don’t or can’t tell you what it is!  run because they cannot give you what you want, because they don’t know what to work on.

Try it! Visit some development companies on the web. You will find most have a section where they detail their process, although they may not show what phase the document is created in.

We Need Your Requirements

Creating a website can be quick for some companies and more complex for others. Even a small business website can be complex. In other words, no matter if the business is big or small, the developers must have something that detail your requirements. 

Project Failure

IT project failure happens in all areas of technology, but thanks to great developers who come up with phases for the building process today projects have more success in bringing great products to the market. 

Do you think the “Requirement Specification Document” has a something to do with it?

Now good people we gotta go but thanks for joining us in Down to Earth Talk About Web Solutions where we try to keep our Web Design and Development talk easy to understand.