SDLC - Website Development Fundamentals Program

SDLC - Website Development Fundamentals Program

Build Skills, Gain New Knowledge

SDLC = system development life cycle.
SDLC – Website Development Fundamentals Program is not a coding boot camp, we are much more. Our program offers a deeper look into SDLC and system design!  The eight-month, weekly program is taught online using an Internet connection and virtual tools Skype, Trello, and Google doc. 

    The Program Is Designed For

    Web Developer

    Thinking about a career in Web Design & Development? This course gives a more in-depth look into the field, helping you improve your critical thinking.

    Small Business

    Are you a business looking to build and maintain a professional website in a more cost-effective way? This course is perfect for you as you learn skills to get you up and running.

    Starting a Web Business

    Ready to start a web business or looking to improve your freelance skills in 2021? If yes, you’re in the right place. In this course, you gain knowledge about the SDLC and project management and how they are used as the road map in creating websites. 

    Learning Objectives

    • To gain knowledge about the system development life cycle (SDLC)
    • Identify, and evaluate the phase of the SDLC
    • Learn how the SDLC used in developing websites
    • Gain knowledge in Web design and development 
    • Gain knowledge in Website security 
    • Learn about building credibility and trust
    • Learn about different documentation types
    • Get insight into Adobe CC programs and their benefits

    Course Overview

    Course One Initiation

    Course one summarizes the initiation phase, meeting with clients, assigning project managers, writing a business case, and defining how the project will be carried out. The goal is to create a business case document and to get a signed contract agreement to move to phase two planning & requirements.

    Course Two Planning & Requirements

    The objectives of this course are to gain insight into planning and requirement gathering. The goal of this phase is to create and test the (PRD) product requirement document against the business case document to move to phase three design.

    Course Three Design

    The objectives, of course, three are to gain insight into the design phase including mockups, prototypes, and Web accessibility. Here your goal is to test the design against the PRD.

    Course Four Coding

    Course four summarizes LAMP Stack, open-source software, and writing computer codes.  The goal of the coding phase is to create well organized high-quality codes and move to phase 5 testing.

    Course Five Testing

    Did you know testing improves the user experience? In the testing phases, you will gain an understanding of different types of testing. The goal is to see if the website is ready for deployment.

    Course Six Deployment 

    The objectives of this course are to gain an insight into different deployment types and training the users.

    Course Seven Maintenance

    Maintenance gives an overview of the importance of maintenance keeping the system updated and free of bugs.