SEO and Your Business

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Why Search engine optimization (SEO) and your business?  because trying to get your website design on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing is not easy. I think of the words from Brad Batesole when he says “we often treat SEO as a skill, but it’s truthfully the combination of many skills.”

Again, becoming first in the result is hard work, and It is a great achievement when it happens to a small business.  It’s great because when search engines determine a page or pages of your website to be essential to the user, they quickly reward you for your hard SEO work.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is making improvements on and off your website, to gain more exposure in search engine results.

The information we give to you is the same information we use in our business because we’re also working hard to rank first in the results. Think of a house if the postal man doesn’t know the address while others receive mail daily, your mailbox remains empty.

Out of The Box Package Design

Search engine optimization is a process, not a one-time out-of-the-box setup.  I wish it was, but sadly it’s not. It’s the fundamental building block for all of your online marketing that goes beyond just keyword research and tagging. It’s having quality content and 

  • An SEO friendly website
  • Having an SEO strategy
  • Understanding how keywords work
  • Applying targeted keyword to your content
  • Creating on-page quality links 
  • Having quality back-links
  • Analyze your competitors to see what they are doing
  • Time and patience

You can either hire an SEO firm, or you can do it yourself. The disadvantages of hiring a firm are it can become costly.

How Would Your Business Benefit?

When someone enters a search, the business that shows up on the first page in most cases is the one that generates the leads.

In this example, I go to Google and entered in a keyword phrase “cooking with rice” and got 2,960,000 results. In most cases a person doesn’t go beyond page one this is why businesses work hard to rank high and although it doesn’t mean they turn into revenue, it is an excellent start.

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