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eCommerce Website

Business Website

This type of website is for a certain company or business. It is an opportunity for the company to communicate with its target customers by showcasing its brand, services, and goods on the site. Most of the time, having a business website helps prove the company’s legitimacy.

Portfolio Website

If you are a freelance graphic artist and you want to showcase your best work to your clients, a portfolio website would be the best option. This website helps the clients recognize your skills more quickly as they can visualize your work. You can also use the website to get quotes about your services and bookings.

Media Website

Gone were the days when news reports could only be read in newspapers. In this new era, media outlets use the internet to report their material and reach more audiences. 

Media websites often offer subscriptions, but they can also be free. They usually contain videos from their TV stations, articles in their newspapers, and even exclusive content for their online website.

Non-profit Website

This website provides information about non-profit organizations, such as charities, and encourages people to donate. This website also shows how interested parties can donate to the non-profit organization. Sometimes, donors can place their donations through the site.

Educational Website

Technology indeed changed the pace of certain aspects of our lives, and education is no exception. Educational websites are the websites of academic institutions or organizations that cater to students who want to study, especially online. These websites are tasked to provide interested parties with online course materials or information about the academic institution.

Community Forum Website

Community forum websites are online forums where people can discuss specific topics. Topics range from “what can I do if my dog stopped eating” dilemmas to “college tips” discussions. You can also create your own forum surrounding your hobbies and interests.

Some businesses create their own forum so that customers can answer the questions of fellow customers, reducing customer service interactions and operational costs.