Startup Analyst Program℠

Enhanced Project Understanding & Insights

In some projects, we often encounter those who lack team members deeply invested in the project and its outcomes. These individuals are essential for employing problem-solving methods to research the project’s development needs, ensuring alignment with the business’s objectives, or assessing whether the project is feasible. Unfortunately, such dedicated team members are not always present within businesses and startups, which can lead to less-than-ideal decision-making processes.

Also when a business doesn’t fully understand their needs, they often make mistakes when deciding what to do. This can lead to starting work on a project without knowing all the details, which can end up costing more money later on to fix problems.”

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding Business vs. Branding
    • Differentiating between Business and Branding
    • Defining Business Purposes, Goals and Objective
  • Web Strategy
    • How to Identify Your Target Audience 
    • Analyzing Competitor Strategies and Market Trends
  • Importance of Developing a Business Plan
    • Components of a Comprehensive Business Plan
    • Benefits of Having a Well-Structured Business Plan
  • Content Creation:
    • Teaching them about different types of content (text, images, videos), content strategy development, and creating compelling and engaging content.
  • User Experience (UX) Design:
    • Providing an overview of UX principles and best practices to ensure the website is user-friendly and intuitive.
  • SEO Basics:
    • Introducing them to search engine optimization (SEO) fundamentals to help improve website visibility and attract organic traffic.
  • Website Maintenance:
    • Educate them about the importance of regular updates, security measures, and ongoing website maintenance.

By completing such a course, startups will gain a solid understanding of website creation and content development, enabling them to approach their projects with clarity and confidence.

  • Relevance to Branding and Technology Integration
    • Exploring the Intersection of Branding and Technology
    • Leveraging Technology for Brand Development
    • Integrating Branding Strategies with Technological Advancements
  • Marketing and Branding Strategies
    • Developing Effective Marketing Strategies
    • Creating Branding Campaigns for Various Platforms
    • Leveraging Digital Marketing Channels for Brand Visibility
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Developing Analytical Skills for Strategic Decision Making
    • Problem-Solving Techniques in Branding Challenges
    • Applying Critical Thinking in Developing Brand Solutions
Course Format:

The course format will include a study guide to facilitate structured learning and reinforce key concepts. Participants will also engage in live and audio-based lectures as well as interactive question-and-answer sessions. 





Duration: 8 weeks  

Frequency: Once a Week

Join the Startup Analyst Program℠ and gain the knowledge to elevate your brand to new heights in today’s competitive market.

$325.00 USD