Startup Analyst Program

Do You Understand Your Project?

Let’s Discuss Your User Story – What They Want and Why. 

The Startup Analyst Program™ where we work with businesses to gain a better understanding of their project before work starts, even if we are not the company to do the job.

In some projects, we find clients are missing those stakeholders or team members that care about or have a vested interest in the project and the outcome. 

In fact, these people use problem-solving methods to research the development needs as it aligns with the business needs or to see whether the project is even workable. 

    Building a Website

    Before launching your website/mobile app it is important before you start building that you understand who you are selling your products and services to.

    Even if you plan to sell to the “mass-market” you still should define your target audience and understand what they want and why.

    Poor Decision Making

    Poor Decision Making

    When a client does not understand his or her decision-making is poor therefore, as a result, work start on a project that the client does not fully understand themselves. 

    The result is the client spends more money on back-end correcting problems.

    We know when a business understands critical factors concerning the project before work starts the project success rate is higher.

    We are proud to say that The Startup Analyst Program is getting good results. 

    Develop Knowledge That Enhances Skills

    During the program, the client works hard as they gain information, brainstorm, research, add information, delete information, re-write and make better plans concerning the website or mobile app.

    In fact one benefit of the program is we provide you with well-researched,  information voiced without bias viewpoints. 

    We do not make any business decisions because what works well for one company may not for another.

    We do not provide the company with a strategy, the purpose, their goals, or their objectives, nor do we write or edit content unless we include a paid copywriter.

    In other words, it is our job is to step in and give you the tools that are often left out when certain individual team members are not present in the project. Here is what we will do for you!

    Analyst Program Work With the Business To:

      What Our Clients Say!

      "Thank you for the great job you did on my school project! You really helped bring my ideas to the screen and were extremely helpful and friendly."
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