Testing Web Projects

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 You’re ready to start working on your Website project. After choosing the company you feel comfortable with that choice. Now you’re thinking about all the information you heard; you’re feeling overwhelmed! As you sit by yourself to take it all in, you realize they didn’t mention testing.  

Testing Web Projects is the practice of checking over a website before the system goes live.

The bottom line is whether you’re creating a website or software, early testing can start as soon as they complete the coding. Think about car manufacturers; they don’t wait until the car is built before testing. Some parts are tested independently to reduce defects as soon as possible.

  1. Functionality testing
  2. Usability testing
  3. Interface testing
  4. Compatibility testing
  5. Performance testing
  6. Security testing
  7. Accessibility testing are just a few

Small websites may use a checklist to test, whereas a larger web application with many functionalities may need test cases. In either case, testing should be done from end-to-end before the system goes live or code moves into a production environment.

I gotta go for now. As always happy web development and peace out people.  Web Design & Development.