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Welcome to User Experience  Design!  Did you know excellent user experience design starts with understanding your user’s needs?

User Experience Is Important In

  • Providing a place for all people to come and feel as if the product, website or applications was built for them.
  • Building excellent customer service because you understand your user’s needs
  • Building a business’s credibility.

Lately, we have had people to ask to have their website reviewed. Most say they feel as if something is wrong, however, because they know little about the development process they can’t figure the problem out.

In all our reviews, we found that the one thing they all had in common was poor user experience.  Research shows that poor user experience could destroy a business product or services.

A business should be always improve their user experience. Because excellent user experience design equals happy customers.

When planning for user experience, I start with these words from – Sarah Horton and Whitney Quesenbery:

  • The strategist defines the purpose and goals of the project.
  • The interaction designer focuses on how users will interact with the product.
  • The visual designer creates the look. 
  • The content strategist gives the product a voice.
  • and the developer makes everything work.

24/7 Customers Seek Excellent User Experience

Let’s move along – User experience can relate to any product or service.  

A real-life example: About a month ago I walked into my favorite coffee shop and ordered my favorite cup of coffee When the person who took my order handed me the container it was too full, and between transition, much of the hot coffee spilled onto my hand. I screamed and said why did you fill the cup so full.  I became upset and asked for a manager. 

User experience happens 24 hours a day, seven days a week, some good some bad, but when rules and principles of design are put in place, the road to good user experiences is not so far away.

What Does Excellent User Experience Mean to You?

Excellent user experience (UX) comes with a price but could it be a key to a return customer?.

Below are tips that can improve any website user experience, whether large, midsize or small. The number one thing is to know who your audience is, and his or her needs:

  • Build a framework for the user experience before the project starts.
  • Keep the site consistent and simple. You don’t want the user to feel confused.
  • The design should have a solid structure built by standards.
  • Well use typography.
  • Design for color blind users by using color and contrast properly.
  • We try to reserve blue for links and not headers unless told otherwise.
  • Breadcrumbs let users know where they are on the website. 
  • Keep the labels no more than 2-3 words.
  • The content should be well written. 
  • Links should always look like links and involve keywords, not just click here.
  • Ensure the website is secure and stable. 
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I wish I could spend more time discussing user experience design, but sadly I’ve gotta go for now. Again thanks for joining us in Down to Earth Talk About Web Solutions where we try to keep our Web Design and Development easy to understand.