Web Services for Small Businesses


At NETWORK ADVISING-U, we specialize in providing comprehensive web solutions for small businesses. Since our establishment in 2010 by Jenny Gaines, our dedication has been unwavering in offering top-notch solutions for the online presence of small businesses. Our expertise spans across web design and development, coupled with leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance brand visibility, capture attention, and drive sales.

Taylor-Made Web Services for Small Businesses Include:

  1. Web Design and Development: Crafting visually stunning and seamlessly functional websites tailor-made to captivate your audience and drive engagement. Our expert team blends cutting-edge design with the latest in web technology to deliver a robust online experience that speaks volumes about your brand.
  2. Startup Analyst Program℠ offers in-depth analysis and guidance for startups, focusing on market positioning, financial forecasting, and strategic growth planning, ensuring sustainable success in today’s competitive landscape.
  3. DesignPhasesDigital Design Course: Enables the creation of highly functional websites, whether you’re hand-coding or using a no-code system. This framework empowers individuals, including those without prior coding experience, to master website construction. The DesignPhases℠ Digital Design Course goes beyond traditional coding boot camps, emphasizing proficiency in building functional websites accessible to all.
  4. BrandU℠: Small Business Branding Course: is a transformative journey to empower startups and small businesses with effective branding. Explore key topics, gain practical skills, and benefit from post-course mentorship for real-world applications.
  5. Web Consulting Services: Unlock expert web consulting services for your small business. From web strategy to security, we offer professional guidance at competitive rates. Schedule a consultation today to empower your web endeavors.

Each component of our services contributes to empowering your online presence, ensuring every aspect, from your website’s design to your digital marketing strategy, is cohesive and effective.

At NETWORK ADVISING-U, we are committed to building strong and lasting relationships with our clients and working collaboratively to tailor the most effective solutions to your specific needs. Allow us the opportunity to enhance your small business’s online presence through our comprehensive Web Solutions. “Serving Clients Across the United States”

Bio: Jenny Gaines

Jenny is from the sleek mountains of Tennessee, where she received her Master of Information Systems (MIS) and BS in Information Technology. Her career began in COBOL, a high-level programming language mainly used in business and financial applications.

Jenny was always passionate about programming. While her peers could not get their source code to run, she enjoyed the challenge of locating errors in the code. Her passion led her to see favorable results that consistently meet the end-users’ needs.

To further elevate her testing skills, she serves as an Independent Software Tester for some of the most recognized brands in the world, where she tests new technologies and software before they are released to the market.


Jenny's Professional Credentials

We take pride in our team’s expertise and professionalism. Our founder, Jenny Gaines, brings over 20 years of experience in the technology field. With a proven track record, Jenny leads a dedicated team of professionals committed to delivering exceptional results. We believe that our collective knowledge and passion, inspired by Jenny, sets us apart, allowing us to provide you with additional benefits and a unique value proposition.


  • Strong understanding of the business processes
  • Project management skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Conflict management skills
  • Time management skills
  • Organizational skills

Multicultural Skills

I’m great at building multicultural virtual teams and creating the virtual culture needed with teams of different:

  • Languages
  • Cultures
  • Time zones

Testing Skills

  • Compatibility testing
  • Desktop Applications
  • Usability
  • Security
  • Black-box & White-box testing
  • Beta and other testing