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Business Strategy

Web Design & Development is our passion but does every business have a website or online presence. The answer is no.

There are companies that strategy doesn’t include a website. These companies are profitable, credible and stand securely behind their business values, this does not happen to most. Your business need a website. Let’s find out why.

Benifits of a Website

Research shows in 2019 more than 1. 3.2 billion people in the world own a smartphone – Leftronic. Today in 2020 some business are finding brick and mortar does not work as well one reason is high startup costs unlike online where the startup cost and cost to maintain the business is lower  According to Kramer  “[Brick-and-mortar] isn’t dead, it’s evolving,”  whatever the reason is we no one thing more people are using the internet this means more transactions for this reason along you need a professional website

Let’s talk more about why you need a business website. It is the door to your business that people can access throughout the world 24/7. 

With over 47% of the world population being online every day, a website allows you an efficient way to gain competitive advantages, promote your business, showcase your work, while building credibility and brand proposition.

They improve productivity, and provide a business with consumer insights needed to educate customers, and increase profit.

There are more reasons why you need a website but these reasons along should have you shouting count me in.

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