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Welcome to Website and Maintenance. You spent time and money building your website now the site is live, your designer just finished the grand opening animated banner, but with all of your hard work you forgot to include a maintenance plan to keep your website running at full capacity.

SDLC - System Development Life Cycle

In the final phase of the (SDLC) system development life cycle, maintenance occurs.

Why Website Maintenance

When a website isn’t working, it leads to poor customer services that result in customer dissatisfaction, but having a plan helps to improve user experience, provide constant support and updates, and will ensure you have reliable website backup in place. 

Maintenance also helps with security because the more often you update, the less likely problems will arise, and If they do, you can address the issues before they affect other parts of your site. Also, because computer hackers look for security gaps to break when they come to your door, they will find it’s locked and not open for business.

As customers use your website, the system will need fixing, changing and improving. A maintenance plan allows your site to stay healthy and free of bugs, but the longer you wait, the more money it may take to make the site work properly when it breaks down. The bottom line is regular maintenance helps in preventing issues.

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