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There are tons of CMS’s for websites used to organize, manage, create and change content. Most of you can gain access from any web browser and most are good for search engine optimization (SEO) and even web accessibility. Some CMS’s are easy to use while others have a deep learning curve.

Websites a CMS can run:

  • Blogs.
  • Static websites.  
  • Social networks.
  • Online courses. 
  • Membership site.
  • News sites.
  • eCommerce sites.
  • Corporate websites.
  • Intranet.

Things to Consider

  • Will your business have a blog?  if so,  it’s important to have a CMS that includes blog features.
  • A good developer should be able to work in a variety of CMS platforms
  • Who will be responsible for the site updates? 
  • Is security a big concern for your business? If so, your developer should hear your concerns before choosing your CMS.
  • Do you need something that is SEO-friendly? 
  • Does your industry require specific tools or functionality?
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